The first 30 seconds of this spot is hilarious, if you like dry humor that is. After the laugh, we seqway into a two minute piece informing the viewer about a cool new AI driven product that is meant to keep organizations Healthy, Safer and Compliant in today’s new COVID-19 era.

We were involved from Script Development to Securing Locations and Talent to the Final Edit.

Our Production Process is below, but first you must check out the spot….


Stage 1: Meeting with client, we took a few days to learn everything about this product as well as the client’s business and marketing strategy. And product’s unique selling proposition (USP). We looked for trust factors. We looked for potential objections in order to sprinkle in elements to help overcome these objections before they arise. Armed with a new found wealth of knowledge we proceeded to the next stage in our process…

The Script: We took a few days to write a script with the message client wished to convey. After a few tweaks and client approval…

Talent / Location: We secured talent, location and production insurance for 1 day of shooting. Permits were not necessary as we used a private company’s building space.

Production: A half day of shooting ensued with 1 Creative Director, 1 Technical Director, and 1 Production Assistant.

Edit: We secured the music license, the Voice Over Talent, quality stock footage and decided this piece needed some graphic work to really pop. After the final color grading…

Result: Client loved the piece!! We are proud of this work and just love it when everything falls right into place. (Oh, and we set the client up with a social media strategy.)

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