Can you be in Two Places at the Same Time? With Rocketeer Productions you definitely can! Well sort of….

During the last week of the year we wanted to test our Virtual Reality Interface. With the help of some cool tech on both locations, I was able to remove myself from my Tennessee vacation long enough to say “HI” to our crew in Miami. In Person. Well, not quite in person per se. You see, while my body was still in Tennessee, a holographic representation of “me” was projected into one of our Virtual 3D sets in our Miami studio. Now how cool is that?

And we can do the same for you and your organization. Engage your audience. Put yourself or your presenter into one of our 3d sets. Stream in your partner or guest speaker from another country into the same virtual room with you. Your audience won’t be able to tell the difference! We have a lot of 3D sets and can even have one built to your specifications!

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