As folks return to commuting to an office outside the home, I’ve noticed something curious… some people seem to continue having the same amount of zoom meetings as they did while working from home. But now, they’re in the office. And the rest of their workday is spent staring at a laptop screen, with not a whole lot of person-to-person interaction. Hmmm. 🤔 I wonder how widespread this is. Let’s move on.

Since Zoom meetings appear to be here to stay, let’s talk about why zoom fatigue is BS…

Zoom Fatigue and Engagement

One could argue that in a healthy company culture, the level of Zoom Fatigue in your typical zoom work meeting should be quite low if you are truly engaged and adding value to the process. If you’re not engaged and adding value, you probably don’t belong in the meeting and any important relevant outcome can just be sent to you after the fact.

My wife, a Project Manager, has a ton of zoom meetings. When she works from home, I sometimes can’t resist the urge to peek in her meetings. I have never seen her complain about zoom fatigue. Stress yes. But not zoom fatigue. The same for all those little boxes of people on her laptop screen. They always seem quite engaged on whatever they’re dealing with at the moment.

Ahh, the joys of a group of people moving the corporate needle by meaningful collaboration

Now I’m only talking about interactive work meetings, not one-way messages like Town Hall Meetings, Company Announcements, etc. If I have to stare at a screen for 20 minutes watching a C-Level Executive speak, there is a high probability my attention will drift a few times during the meeting, especially if the guy or gal is just standing in the same room for 20 minutes straight with no dancing monkeys in the background.

For these type meetings, Rocketeer Productions is now offering a solution that is beneficial to many organizations. It entails engaging your audience by placing presenters within a realistic 3D virtual environment. This can be a simulated Newsroom, Stage Auditorium or a more intimate “talk show” couch setting. And virtual conferences can be produced at a fraction of the cost of live ones while maintaining engagement at higher levels than, say, a zoom convention. These sessions can be live and interactive.

Take a Peek right here…

So, did that pique your curiosity? If so, watch on…

In Summary

The world has definitely changed amidst the great global pandemic of 2020. It’s safe to say that Zoom meetings, virtual conferences, online work sessions are here to stay.

Many employees got a taste of working from home and they like it!

And many of their employers have noticed an increase in workforce productivity from a workforce freed from the stresses of commuting to and from an offsite workplace, amongst other benefits like actually seeing their kids grow up before their eyes (and shooing them away from their zoom meeting backgrounds).

If you have a story to tell, why not be different? Hit me up and…

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