Last week we held a cool never-before-done online film showcase where at one time we had two guest hosts in the same virtual theatre space, yet were really over 4,000 miles apart.

This live event served as an in-depth test of our vr solutions geared to allow any unforeseen issues or glitches to arise so that we may learn from and deal with. At the end of the day the vr event was a success, with a few minor tech glitches, where we implemented backup procedures.

We’ve developed a product that provides solutions to enhance:
✔️ Corporate Town Hall Meetings
✔️ Product Launches
✔️ Roundtable Meetings / Panels
✔️ Sales Kick-Off Meetings
✔️ Conferences / Conventions / Expos
✔️ Investor Meetings
✔️ Remote Training Sessions
✔️ And more…

Learn more Here.

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